Here we go:

Step 1: open fridge and retrieve a chilled Castle Lite

Step 2: boil kettle

Step 3: add mince to blazing hot pan and season with salt and robertson’s chicken spice (also available in bbq and mince flavour, but making due with what I’ve got)

Step 4: add boiled water to pot


Step 6: when water is seriously bubbly… like the foam in your bear add salt and little bit of oil. Then add the pasta. Any fucking pasta will do

Step 7: cook pasta till almost soft and chuck away any water left over (if you haven’t burnt it by now)

Step 8: add Ina Paarman’s creamy cheese sauce to mince

Step 9: put it all in one pot. Spoon it about and pretend that you’ve made the sauce yourself.


PS: this recipe works brilliantly when your done by the time that your husband gets home so that you can brag with your mad sauce cooking skills. Maybe even get a foot rub out of it … if you’re married to a Martian


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