Technology is a wonderful beautiful thing. We as homeschool parents swear by Pinterest, Google, Khan Academy and so much more. Technology even allows idiots to pretend their smart by doing sufficient research or using autocorrect and spellchecker. We organise, connect and communicate across borders with ease. Technology can be used as a powerful teaching tool. But the one thing that technology cannot teach it’s users is common fucking decency. 

Before Google, parents took their kids to qualified doctors and psychologists when they thought something was wrong… now, every one is doctor.

I like to refer to this spectacular phenomenon as the generation of retarded grownups, aka post-Google parenting. 

Before Google, if parents found a weird rash on their kids, they promptly made an appointment to have it checked out. You walked out of the doctors office with a very clear indication of what ailment your little beast is suffering from now. Post-Google parents self evaluate their problems and end up with a list of possible outcomes that leaves you more confused and scared shitless than before. 

This we all do, and I’d be a little bit hypocritical if I said anything differently. 

In today’s technologically advanced world, this is somewhat acceptable. You’re just a concerned parent trying to figure out your kids. 

But then there’s some idiots that has made it their personal mission to evaluate every behavioral phase their kids are going through and shoving these cocked up conclusions down every one else’s throats.

They are every where, hiding in plane sight, dressed up as a concerned friend or neighbour or a friendly homeschool mom that’s “just trying to help”. 

Quite recently I had an experience where one such friendly homeschool mom, whose name I don’t even know, thought that my child’s behavior is her duty to diagnose. Let me just elaborate on the behavior of which she spoke…

My eldest is a little shy. To me, that’s a personality trait which he has always had. In the new homeschool group where he hasn’t made any friends yet, he was sitting and taking notes on the presentation they were receiving instead of playing with the props like the other kids. I felt kind of arrogantly proud, watching him be the intelligent boy I am trying to raise. So imagine my surprise when this skinny weird looking blonde told me, her child is “Hyper sensitive” as well. I think she mistook my look of “who the fuck are you and why are you talking to me” as “please continue, I’m so interested in the label you want to hang around my kid’s neck”. So she bulldozed on about all the symptoms that HS sufferers have, like I should be sitting with a tick list. In her conclusion, I could see the look of satisfaction on her face, and all I could think of was…. You post-Google idiot. You have seen my boy for all of 5 minutes. Lay of, step down, and go read a fucking book on parenting. 

Kids are not projects, they are blessings. Kids do weird things… But so do grown ups. Yes, there are terrible illnesses and behavioral things that causes your child to struggle fitting in to normal society, but not all behavior needs to be labeled. I remember what an awkward kid I was. 

Who decided that kids should all fit into a specific mold, or else their weird? God loved diversity so much he made each of us unique in all aspects. We look different, think different, find different things funny… and if it wasn’t for that we’d all be bored out of our minds. 

In today’s day and age, I find it so backwards that we still believe that all kids are the same. If you keep telling a fish it’s a bird, he might start believing he is and end up trying to fly. Humans are the same… with this in mind, we should be telling our kids that their awesome, brilliant, intelligent, that they can be what ever they put their minds to, and mostly that they are loved unconditionally just the way they are. 

We are all guilty of this sin.. me included. But I was only humbly brought to realization once the tables were turned. 

So to all the parents and kids I may have offended in the way I have been offended, I apologize for being a post-Google dick. 


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